Posted by: Aldershot | September 21, 2009

Sept/21/09 TF2 Blog update

The official Team Fortress 2 blog was updated recently with a very suggestive note:

This should prove interesting.

EDIT!  If you click the Note on the TF2 blog it brings you to suspiciously URL’d page There, you will see a number of valve-style art and “screenshots” of the Dogs in action. Now, the question on everyone’s minds (or lips… or fingers if you count the forum posters) is IS THIS REAL?!?!?  Many signs point to no, but the featuring on the TF2 blog is interesting. A few things to note: The “Download the whole set” icon for the page leads to the Email ”” Maybe its a scramble or some kind of hint to… something.? Furthermore, the dog page has not been featured on the right side of the blog that all the class updates go to. My guess is that this is community made, and valve liked it, so sent a link on the blog to bring attention to it.

THIS JUST IN! The forums have provided an answer. The guarddog.50 website surfaced yesterday at about 4 PM pst. Its posted here:

And finally, the Alt text (the words that usually come up on pics after you hover over them) for the Saxton Hale letter is “THIS JUST GOT ALT-TEXTED BY SAXTON HALE!” 😛




  1. HOLY CRAP ITS A NEW CLASS! I’m PRETTY sure. Nothing here says it for any class… WTF VALVE!

    I really don’t know if I like this yet… I was pretty Iffy about Jarate, but I ended up not hating it, but THIS?! Man… I just don’t know.

    Edit: This post is outmoded since I edited the above with my report.

  2. so this is a hoax? i’m kinda hopeing it is… (i already hate dogs in World at war….)

  3. Well, if they build the class right, it shouldn’t be worse than a really fast sniper running around with an smg.

  4. I want it to be real, but I’ll be pessimistic. If it’s real, great. If it isn’t, I knew it.

  5. k, so i e-mailed the guy who originally made this. its confirmed as a hoax, BUT valve liked it enough to troll us with it on the blog today, it’s not completely out of the question that they may test this in some way.

    remember, valve has teased us with hints of a 10th class before, and jarate was a supposed april fool’s joke. it’s hard to say if valve is just being cryptic or just dicking with us.

  6. Shame it’s most likely a hoax, I’d have liked to see how it played out. The letter gave me a good laugh though.

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