Posted by: Jack Heart | September 19, 2009

Moshboxradio: Pulp Science!

showsbanner4_09Moshboxradio 106.7(student run radio from The lovely Auckland University, in New Zealand!!) The show Pulp Science, with our friends Techmaster Zarnmonster, and Commander Kermath! Go on a star trip to the great beyond and across the internet, The way you like it!

This week with US of A, correspondents Vazzaroth and Jack Heart! Bacon to your souls!

Topics covered this week:
+Apple stuff- Mr. Jobs, eat your heart out
+Windows 7
+I’m a pc and I’m not retarded
+The best party ever
+Plasma Speaker
+pigeons faster than broadband?
+TF2 Update
+Google factoids
+Tech Toys
+video games

Also Jening sings a Jening song!- 1000 Hour Medley





  1. “+I’m a pc and I’m not retarded”

    i’m claiming that one!! zarn im chargeing you royalties!!

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