Posted by: Vazzaroth | September 18, 2009

Internet Report!

Two very important things I have found on the internet MUST BE SHARED:

First, This!:

Secondly, I believe I have come across a rare photo of Kimmy in her earlier years.

as a child
Kimmy as a child


  1. about the video:
    If your wondering, it’s an old anime called “Golden Boy”. one of the funniest animes every made. basically about a collage student to travels japan in search of part time jobs to pay for his tuition. on his travels he bumps into lots of halerious adventures. he’s also a study fanatic never leaviing his note book but also an incredible pervert, and that lay the core comedy for the show.

    it’s good stuff

  2. I DLed golden boy but haven’t watched it yet. I’m going to watch it around the same time I get around to GTO, they are very similar. The Japanese voices for this clip are way different, and I think less funny than this American dub though.

    • yeah it’s ironic and kinda funny. that show is one of the few anime’s that the english is actually better than the original japanese.

      btw… im not really an anime dork 😛 i’m more comic than any thing else.

      GLIVEN!!! ❤ ❤


      btw. i don’t believe that to be kimmy, as pandas aren’t really from the bear family.
      this maybe a closer kid kimmy

  3. Golden Boy is a classic anime, which will be etched in my memory as long as I live, or start losing my marbles.

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