Posted by: Aldershot | September 17, 2009

“Leaked” TF2 Beta Update

This is a follow up on the “TF2 Beta item images” entry.

So just 2 days ago Chadam showed us some possible leaked images of beta items that Valve and TF2’s best players are currently testing for an upcoming update. I personally don’t know what to make of it, as it’s possible that all of this are faked and hoaxes (though Valve have confirmed that they are currently testing new things  with TF2 player’s help and input). The potential for all of this as a hoax should cross every one’s mind as Valve has yet to make a public statement, but the video below certainly does add to these “leaked” item’s credibility.

This video will feature multiple versions of the new Heavy Gloves, new engie wrench, new medic item balances, and yes…. FIRE RETARDANT SUITS for the spy!!

Any one else notice any thing different about the backpack 😉

This looks very real to me, as faking all of this would take an extreme amount of effort. BUT do keep in mind, its very possible to mimic a lot of  these “leaked” items with weapon mods. You be the judge




  1. I’m really hoping that the 2 page backpack idea goes through. Not to keen on the items though, hopefully they’ll balance them in time.

  2. If it was just the weapon effects I would say this is a fake, but there are too many interface changes. Between the backpack with multiple pages and sorting, and the team mate HP readout at the top of the respawn screen… I predict we will be seeing these things in a patch soon.

    The items… maybe not. I am still suspicious of the PDQ wrench. But OMG if they use that beta medigun, I will be so happy. I’ve wanted the overhealer since they first announced that concept before weapon unlocks were even out.

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