Posted by: Aldershot | September 16, 2009

Left 4 Beta

Know what’s really neat? Seeing what your favorite game was like before it was officially released.

The following are beta videos of Left 4 Dead. Many of these videos include the old Beta Zoey, Bill and Fracis, and one video features the beta version of No Mercy.

An early L4D trailer still with an all beta character cast

Beta intros and levels after the break

Left 4 Dead Beta Intro July / 08 / 08

Left 4 Dead Beta Intro July / 25 / 08

Left 4 Dead Beta Intro Sept/ 04 / 08

A trailer depicting a beta version of no mercy

Check out the Beta vs Released versions of the characters in high def!





  1. I remember seeing Francis with all that hair. I liked him better that way… I was thinking of reasons they would have gotten rid of it, and thought of the Zombie Survival guide talking about minimizing things to grab onto on your body like long hair… but Lewis wears a tie…

  2. but louis has pillz

  3. When I seen of the Left 4 dead Beta and compared it to the final product, I was acually pissed. I mean I love the game, but the original concept looked bad ass and I felt like they should have kept it. Zoey and Louis especially looked bad ass. I felt that they should have given a storyline in the game also. To me me its just a game that gets to the point without a purpose. I would have love to loved to know how the virus broke and to know their stories of how they managed to survived on their own and get out the situation together. A solo mission for each character. something fucking out of sight please!

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