Posted by: Chadam | September 15, 2009

Leaked TF2 Beta Item Images

These are supposedly pictures of items that Valve are testing to balance the Medic unlocks, give the Spy an advantage against Pyros, and give the Heavy a speed boost. Valve only invited competitive players to test the beta, in hopes of pleasing them. Keep in mind that these could be fabricated, although a few beta testers have confirmed this as being real, only time will tell. More information can be found here:

The first two pictures show two beta versions of a fire retardant suit for the Spy. The third and fourth pictures show the beta Blutsauger nerfs. The fifth and sixth pictures show the beta Ubersaw nerfs. The seventh picture shows a new wrench unlock for the Engineer and the last three pictures show the Heavy’s Gloves of Running Urgently, which make him run faster as the name implies. There are also unconfirmed rumors of changes to the Demoman and Soldier’s self-damaging system.




  1. those medic nerfs better not happening. or else your all going to see an Aldershot rageing uncontrolably

    [edit] btw, this is a really nice entry.

  2. The fire suit might be interesting, but some of those downsides to the Heavy’s gloves seem pretty bad… I really think the sandvich needs some help too.

    And if thats all they are going to do with engie is change his weapons and not touch the SGs… I’m gonna be pissed.

    • i personally hope they don’t change the sandvich. those who play with me often know i ❤ the sandvich. those who play with me often also know that it has helped me greatly and also cost me dearly, and i personally think it's pretty balanced the way it is. as for the KGBs…. im indifferent. they're pretty gimmicky already… heavy meleeing itself is pretty gimmicky, so what ever change can only be for the better…

      and yeah for sure, engie better get more shit than that!! (though i am REALLY hopeing that wrench goes through, as i ❤ ninja engieing on CTF maps, and if can build while battling faster than they can destroy whats building… well….. i can already imagine multiple strats and tactics right now.)

  3. I really hope that doesn’t go through for the Engie. For the most part I don’t mind the current build speed for stuff, unless some ass sandwich keeps destroying stuff right after I set it down. XP As for the Medic ones… -25 health on the Blutsauger wouldn’t be SO terrible, but the Ubersaw one would irk me a bit. 😐

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