Posted by: Aldershot | September 13, 2009

Valve boycotts L4D2 boycotter?

This is a followup to this entry: L4D2 boycotters flown to Valve HQ

So it seems that one L4D2 boycotter named “Joe”  feel left out of the loop. He sent Gabe an e-mail asking why he wasn’t flown into Valve HQ as well and that he had a moded campaign to show Valve if they did.

Valve responded with “We are boycotting your campaign.”

When Joe in return asked if it would be ok to fly some of the Valve employees to his house instead so they can preview his modded campaign. Gabe upped the anti and only agrees if Joe were to fly both Gabe AND Erik ton his place.

Now this Joe modder guy seem to be taking this quite seriously and have created a donation to help him fund some plane tickets for Gabe and Erik. Even Robin Walker is getting in on this and donated $100 to this cause with this to say “This is Robin Walker, from Valve. The rest of us at Valve would sure appreciate a couple of days without Erik around, so thanks for organising this! Quick question though: if I donated more, would you buy a one-way ticket for him?”

This is partially the reason why I love Valve…. they certainly go to long lengths to troll their customers lolz!![update]




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