Posted by: Aldershot | September 13, 2009

TF2 trade system, and the back pack.

packSo here’s a small entry about a couple of interesting things about the back pack and trade system.

I’m sure most of you by now already know about this, but I (and chadam) just want to high light this little link as it’s incredibly useful for viewing and sharing your own and other people’s back pack. Created by Druken f001, same guy who brought us the infamous idle bot. This is so useful that Valve is currently working with Druken f001 on improving and making it official eventually. “…they’ve agreed to help me work on and give me a “public blessing” of some sort. More details later.”

Manually placing items into invalid / overlapping spots

Did you know you can manually place any items in an invalid or overlapping spot (freeing more room for more drops)?  You can easily do this by moving one item over another one rapidity, and in quick succession.  You’ll eventually notice one of those items will seemingly disappear, DONT WORRY!! It’s still in your back pack, but it’s now in invalid / overlapping spot. The respective item will still be equitable from the character equip window, it’s just now not visible in your backpack. Keep in mind though, the items will be dropped back into your backpack eventually.

Leaked Trade

This is kinda old news, but not a lot of attention was brought to it so here it is: Did you know that the TF2 trade system is actually already in your game NOW?!

This is not faked or a hoax. I tried this myself and it does actually work!!

To do it, go into a server (privet server works fine), open your console and turn on cheats “sv_cheats 1” then type this into your console: “test_giveawayitem” and bam!! your now looking at the trade system. keep in mind, the trade is there… it’s just not functional right now. Think of this as an early preview of what’s to come.




  1. How to get an item back from an invalid/overlapping spot!?

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