Posted by: kimmy | September 11, 2009

Something actually kinda useful

So for those who have played with me, you would have noticed I have a bind that says “Uber Deployed” after I uber some unfortunate soul. I’ve been asked how I did that, so here it is:

Go to C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/username/team fortress 2/tf/cfg/

You’ll see a list of different classes

Anyway, this is what I have under medic:

bind “MOUSE2” “+class_attack2”
alias +class_attack2 “+attack2; say_team **UBER DEPLOYED**” <— look at this one
alias -class_attack2 “-attack2”

alias “autoheal” “autohealon”
alias “autohealon” “tf_medigun_autoheal 1; alias autoheal autohealoff”
alias “autohealoff” “tf_medigun_autoheal 0; alias autoheal autohealon”
bind “f” “autoheal”

bind 6 “voicemenu 1 7;say_team **FAKING UBER READY**” <— and this one

I have FAKE UBER READY bind to 6, but of course, you guys can bind it to something else. Naturally, “UBER DEPLOYED” is binded to Mouse 2.

Also, if you guys do use this bind, make sure you go through the other class and put in:

bind “MOUSE2” “+attack2”

Otherwise, every time you press Mouse 2 for the other classes, it’ll say “UBER DEPLOYED.”





    In more serious news, this is awesome 😀 Congratz on the blogness and I apologize for dodging everyone’s invites to L4D and TF2 for so long. After my exams finish next week I should be good for some time.

    Also, nice tutorial for the bind kimmy, always wondered how to do that 🙂

    PS Yay third commentator-person-coolguy-kthxbai

    PPS Any chance of email not being required? I realize this is a work in progress but I would like to contribute in my special helpful way 🙂

    • Gah, just realized that I was fifth 😛 my bad…

  2. Hmmm… i’m gonna try that. is it possible to bind every action with “need a dispenser here!” phrase? (ie: i shoot some one “need a dispenser here!”, i jump “need a dispenser here!”, i crouch “need a dispenser here!”, i move around “need a dispenser here!”… etc)

  3. Yes it is possible.

    bind 6 “voicemenu *not sure which voice it is* “;say_team “Need a dispenser here!”

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