Posted by: Aldershot | September 11, 2009

How to comment and contribute to the F! Blog


NOTE: This is old now and i’m sick of editing it every time i change a small rule or some thing. please check the comment and contribute page for the updated policies

This is alraedy it’s own page, but I want to high light this point to our viewers to help get the ball rolling.

How to comment:

No sign up or even e-mail is required to comment on this blog. The first comment for any new user will require admin approval after submision. All comments following that, using the same username will be able to post freely with out approval afterwards.

How to contribute:

-Admin Contribution-

For group admins, create a WordPress account if you haven’t already. Submit the e-mail connected to your WordPress account to a blog admin (Aldershot, Jack Heart, Vazzaroth), and then we will create an editor’s spot for you to post. Once the editor’s spot has opened to you, you should now have full posting access. but before you start posting, please save your entries’ out as a DRAFT, inform an admin your post need approval then once approved, it’ll be published.

-Members Contribution-

First and most importantly of all, let one of the group admins know your interested in creating a blog entry. Once you describe what your entry entails and we like the idea, write up a beta version in a document, then submit that document to an admin for approval (you can submit through e-mail or through steam). If the entry is approved, create a WordPress account if you havent already  and submit to us your e-mail that’s connected to your WordPress account. After, we’ll create a temporary editor’s spot for you to post. You’ll now be able to post your entry with insert images, videos, and link options. alternatively you can also get one of the blog admins to insert such things for you. once your completly finished posting SAVE IT OUT AS A DRAFT. An admin will look over your post one last time to make sure any media displayed is formatted correctly, then it’ll be published. If we notice a member posting interesting entries on a fairly regular basis we may give that member full contributor’s right.

Who can contribute?

Any F! admins or members.

Whats appropriate to Contribute about?

Here in F! we like to keep things fun, so you should know some silly entries are more than welcomed. But at the same time, we’d like to keep this blog clean of spam, and at least, some what on topic. Here’s a list of example topics that could be considered appropriate:

– Valve game related news, art, videos, or articles

– Game strategies and tips

– F! related ideas, news, or events

– Jening

– Well thought out, well sourced, and mature opinion pieces

– If your still confused, just look at our past entries to get an idea of what may be considered appropriate

Please keep in mind, these are just examples, and are not limited to just these types of entries.

Do we like being bombarded with blog submissions from the members?

F! yeah!! The more interesting ideas that’s submitted to blog about the less work I have to do!! Submit your hearts out… seriously, we’d like to see this blog updated as regularly and as interactively as possible to keep it interesting.

How long does it take for my entry to get approved and published?

Usually we’ll publish an approved entry on the same day you decide to write it up, assuming there is an admin available to publish the entry. But bear in mind that if there are important announcements or news about F! we may keep multiple approved entries in the pending list to keep the important information on top of the blog for a pre-determined period. Those pending entries will eventually be published in the order of approval, but to prevent an article being buried too quickly, it’s possible that all the pending entries may not be published in the same day, rather over a period of a week or so.

How to contact admins about blog contribution:

We’re going to set up a group e-mail eventually, but until then you can use my personal e-mail:

The best way though is to talk to us personally in game or on steam.

PLEASE NOTE: All contribution is susceptible to editing. Nothing major will be edited, mostly just format and placements of media elements maybe changed for optimal browsing. Any changes will be properly informed to the original poster.



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