Posted by: Aldershot | September 10, 2009

Hello WORLD!! Here’s some TF2 crap!

Ooo shiny new blog!! so as you can probably tell this blog is still under construction. This maybe temporary until we get our web site up, or maybe it’ll be permanent, we’ll see what the future brings.

Before i start my first post (too late i guess) you should know that I, Aldershot, am a terrible speller / typer / grammer kinda guy… kinda lazy too… so i probably wont be fixing much of my mistakes. don’t like it? too bad 😀 as i always like to say “trying for proper english on the internet is like trying to romance a hooker”.

to celebrate this shiny new blog here’s some TF2 crap i thought was cool!!

A pretty damn good heavy impression

Gary Schwartz voice actor for valve doing… the HEAVY!!11!!11

Mr.Schwartz again doing… DEMOMAN?!??!!!

Unoffical Meet the Pyro. Excellent work!!




  1. I approve of this blog!

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