Posted by: Aldershot | January 22, 2012

On Leave

I’m amazed by the amount of traffic this blog continues to generate. Thanks for the continued visits every one! I just want to make it official that I, Aldershot am retiring from this blog. Secret Option F! has been a great blog to help run.
People often forget that the TF2, or L4D, or CS  communities are not just a communities of those games. Most PC clans play almost every game Valve release, and Secret Option F recognized this. A blog just about TF2, or just about L4D, wasn’t enough and a blog about Valve game players as  a whole, really taped into some thing that hasn’t been fully taped.

I now leave this blog to the very capable hands of my clanies.

I want to thank the Secret Option F! clan for being not just great game players, but great friends as well. I want to apologize to the clan for my sudden hiatus from online, life catches up some times, but even if i never play another game online, I’ll Always be F! (‘d up). I’ll still be on from time to time, and when I do, I hope to see all of you playing!

Posted by: Chadam | August 10, 2010

The ETF2L Highlander Community Challenge

“The days of two Engineers, three Spies and six Snipers on your team are over. The European Team Fortress 2 League invites you to play TF2 like you’ve never played it before: competitively. Head-to-head against other communities. In front of hundreds of people. For shiny medals.”

After months of waiting, the ETF2L Tournament is underway. The event focuses on bringing new players into the competitive TF2 scene. The tournament will start on in early September and signups will be open until then. This thread exists to organize the Secret Option F! team for the tournament. If you’d like to participate, please post a comment stating your preferred class.

Valve will be giving out in-game medals to those who come in first, second and third place. A participation medal will additionally be given to everyone who participates in the event.

Click here for details

Wanted to share an awesome comic I have discovered recently: Romantically Apocalyptic. If anyone is familiar with “Gone with the Blastwave“, an awesome comic on it’s own, this one is very similar. The illustrations and

photo manipulation are very impressive. The main reason I am posting this to the blog, however, is to instill the idea into the talented internet that: “MAKE THIS A PYRO CUSTOM MODEL!” Anyone with information pertaining such a thing should contact Vazzaroth immediately, and add a comment to this post. It will be amazing. Anyway, Enjoy!


A taste of the epicness.

Valve posted an official TF2 comic this morning. It details the story of the Engineer’s grandfather, Radigan Conagher, building a life-extender machine for the BLU leader, Blutarch Mann. He commissioned the machine in order to outlive his brother, Redmond, and take over the rest of his father’s land. The Engineer succeeded in building said machine but he also made one for Redmond after the Announcer convinced him by handing over the key to building such high-tech devices, Australium. This secretive element has been kept hidden by the Australians until today; it is the source of their technological advances. Fast-forward to the present day. (for the game, that is) The current Engineer, Dell Conagher, has been employed to repair the same device his grandfather created. But after inspecting it, he finds he has no idea how to fix it. Blutarch gives him the blueprints and mysterious writings of his grandfather in hopes of him figuring it out. With this, the Engineer begins work. After looking through the papers, he finds the schematics for something.. interesting.

Click here to read the comic

Posted by: Jack Heart | May 18, 2010

T-shirts designs

F-shirts designs are due! Post what ever you have come up with! So we can get to work on selecting the best/most F! designs!! I would love to have the shirts available by June! But I have work to do and so do you.. Post the best you have!(you may submit more than one) Also if your designs is not done yet let us know that you plan on submitting a design.

Posted by: Chadam | May 18, 2010

The Fancy vs. Nasty Update

One of the TF2 community’s top contributors, Mr. Royzo, has unveiled a community-made “update”. It features 15 new items which will be periodically revealed each day. It’s very well made and is a must-see! Check it out here!

Posted by: Vazzaroth | May 17, 2010

The F! Server is back again!

Saxton Mays/Billy Hale

This guy would totally donate to the F server.

Like a rash you just can’t get rid of, the Secret Option F! variety funtime server© is revived. This is kind of old news since many F’ers seem to know already through word-of-mouth but it needs to be posted anyway! It’s been going strong since it went online this past Saturday and has had at least a few users on it almost the whole time. It was even full for about 2 hours the day it was re-born! Now that I, Vazzaroth the illustrious and super awesome server admin (Read: Noob @ Servers), have finally finished setting up the plugins and settings to get it back to where it used to be, lets start lots of games on it!

Now for the shameless “Please don’t make me go broke for your own amusement” speech! The server is open for donations, and if we have people pitch in some dollars every month, we won’t have to go through another dark age of serverlessness. All those people that said they would donate, now is the time to man up and follow through! Saxton Hale would donate, how about you!?
But seriously, the donation link is HERE. Any help is greatly appreciated. Also, anyone that donates at least 20$ will be added to  the waiting list for F shirts, whenever we get those printed. So your current generosity will not come back to bite you in the ass later!

Any now, because I got booted off the F! server due to an internet problem and I can’t reconnect until my Steam ID is cleared and therfor I’m bored, heres some possibly interesting stats:

– Plugins running on the server:

  • Source Mod
  • RockTheVote
  • AdvancedTeamscramble
  • AdvancedMapchooser (The voting at end of round one)
  • RandomMapCycle
  • Possibly RollTheDice at some point!

-Custom Maps that are going to be uploaded soon:

  • RedFort
  • Swamp Map Pack
  • KOTH map pack
  • CTF Orient
  • Any suggestions people want to post on comments!

– Monthly cost of the server: 30 Dollars for a 24 man TF2 server in San Jose, 5 Extra Dollars for the Download server that give you guys custom maps without rage-quittingly slow speeds

People on the server RIGHT NOW:

Number of Exclamation marks in this post: 11! Well, now 12.

Posted by: Chadam | May 6, 2010

ETF2L Tournament – Update

Well, the tournament is nearing and we have about 10 members partaking. Since most competitive matches are 6vs6, we’re just 2 members short of having two teams. So if anyone knows someone willing to join, feel free to invite them. If you are in the team, please post your primary and secondary class preference. This will help us build the teams and strategize. Most competitive games use attack/attack CP maps, so make sure to practice on maps like Badlands and Granary. As of yet, we don’t know any specifics about the tournament.

The list of members we have are as follows: Chadam, Kimmy, Aldershot, Vazzaroth, Jack Heart, Cobra, Ghost, Secret Squirrel, Zarnmonster, Solid Snack, and Soulreaverm. If you’d like to be added or removed from this list, please post a comment.

Posted by: zarnmonster | May 4, 2010

Help Zarn and his friends win iPhones!

Some of you may know I competed in the V 48Hours Film competition a few weeks back. The competition is basically make a short film in 48 hours (go figure). Along with this each film made has to contain 4 criteria (can you spot them all?)

  • Character: Sydney Manson – A Fabricator
  • Prop: a broken toy
  • Line of dialogue: “When you look at it that way”
  • Camera Move: A Dolly Zoom

Halcyon Entertainment – I Am The Fabricator

Shameless plug I know, but if our movie gets the most views by the 30th of May we win 10 iPhones 😀

P.S. Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Posted by: Jack Heart | May 4, 2010


If you donate a minimum of $20 you will receive a Secret Option F t-shirt! What could be better than helping  bring the Secret Option F server back and and getting an F-shirt!
There is just one thing! We need a design for the art on said shirts..
So contest!?
The shirts should be two color, that is the color of the ink and shirt. For an additional color it adds an extra fifty cents to each shirt.
The art should be 300 dpi any less and it may end up a bit pixelated.
If you are interested in submitting art contact me via comment on this post.
The final art submissions will be voted on by all of Secret Option F, how ever we reserve the right to ask you to edit your submission.
Yes, you can submit more then one. No, I don’t have a preferred file type.
Also it very well could be become/be submitted as an F spray as well.
*designs are due in two weeks by May 18th.. or sooner I like sooner.

Don’t forget, we appreciate smaller donations too! It will get your Username on the MOTD on the server… (And a strong running for member of the week :D)

Posted by: Jack Heart | April 19, 2010

We need your help!

I think we would like to breathe life back in to the Secret Option F server.But I need your help monetarily and administratively.That is to say we need money and avid admins!

Before I fronted all the cash for the server that is until work got thin.. Now I’m asking for your help, please donate. And help bring the Secret Option F server back!

I do believe that most if not all server admins should be restored. If you are interested in admining talk to me and or (I’m going to say)Kimmy we’ll see what we can do. I think it comes down to the more admins, the more games, the more interest in the server and the more potential donations. And that would keep the server going.

We are a friendly community that put fun above every thing else. And I would say we aim to create a nicer gaming experience.
Ok its like 7am now and I don’t know what I’m going on about.. so remember the bacon

Also! donation link to the right, in sidebar thingy —>

Posted by: kimmy | April 16, 2010

Reviving the F! Server?

Hey everyone!

Dunno how many of you miss the old F! community and the F! server, but Jack, Vazz, me, seanclarity, Chadam, and a few others do. Therefore, we are contemplating on reviving the old F! server! I just want to see who is also interested (if you are still visiting this blog).

Posted by: Chadam | April 14, 2010

ETF2L Tournament

As many of you may have read in the recent TF2 blog post, a TF2 tournament is being held by the European TF2 League(ETF2l). It focuses on getting non-competitive players to partake in a competitive tournament. Signups won’t be open for another 3-4 weeks, so you’ll have time to practice and form a team. The main reason this is being posted is to encourage members of our very own F! community to enter this tournament and form a team. (Or multiple teams depending on how many we’ll have.) If you’re interested post a comment and speak with Chadam or Kimmy over Steam to be in the team.

Valve will be willing to give out medals to winners, runner-ups, and even anyone who plays in the tournament. So even if we lose, we’ll still have a good time and leave with some shiny medals.

Posted by: RLPudding | April 1, 2010

Yet another fake engineer update…

Community fake updates are amusing and sweet the standby time until the upcoming update.The most recent fake update (of course for the engineer, another one) is done very well and actually looks like from Valve themselves, concerning their hints about Portal 2. Read More…

Posted by: Jack Heart | March 15, 2010

Spy Romance?

Thank you Zarn for finding this.

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